Risk Impact Opportunities Tool

Risk Impact Opportunities Tool

The Risk Impact Opportunities Tool (RIOT) is the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme’s data and analysis platform. RIOT brings together asset-level data tied to ownership across key sectors and markets and overlays this with current and forward-looking measures of environmental risk and impact.

Exposure can be measured and analysed at different scales moving from the asset-level, to the company-level, and to the portfolio-level as required. Existing and planned assets are also assessed and exposure measured over the short-, medium-, and long-term.

The platform allows for the measurement of the environmental impacts associated with investments, locally and globally, such as whether investments are compatible with carbon budgets or are contributing to the unsustainable use of finite natural resources.

We are pioneering a ‘4th generation’ data and analysis capability across six sectors: power generation, cement, iron and steel, automobiles, aviation, and shipping. Depending on technical feasibility we have the ambition to include other sectors, including power grids, road, rail, food and beverage manufacturing and processing, paper, refining, mining, upstream oil and gas, pipelines, and LNG infrastructure.

We are particularly focused on applying RIOT to the Belt & Road Initiative and you can find out more about this work here:


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