Risk Impact Opportunities Tool

Risk Impact Opportunities Tool

The Risk Impact Opportunities Tool (RIOT) web application is under development and will support the assessment of firms' exposures to environment-related risks. Using an array of local and national risk hypotheses this site provides an understanding of the physical and transition risks faced by firms in two different scenarios (1.5oC warming and Business-as-Usual (BAU) scenarios). The risk categories covered include: acute physical, chronic physical, carbon intensity, water stress, environment and health, renewables and CCS, and demand and utilisation.

This site is intended to assist with the integration of environment-related factors into financial decision-making, potentially creating a commercial advantage. With this site it is possible to identify and differentiate between firms that are more or less at risk from these factors and this can inform relationship strategies. This information can also be applied to new project- or asset-specific transactions to arrive at a ‘risk score’ and thus facilitate an understanding of what action might need to be taken internally.

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The Sustainable Finance Programme at the Oxford Smith School was established in 2012 (originally as the Stranded Assets Programme) to understand how finance and investment intersects with the environment and sustainability. The Programme is based in a world leading university with a global reach and reputation. We work with leading practitioners from across the investment chain (e.g. asset owners, asset managers, banks, ratings agencies, stock exchanges), with firms and their management, and with experts from a wide range of related subject areas (e.g. finance, economics, management), within the University of Oxford and beyond.

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